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LIFT Orlando

The initial POLIS research, conducted between 2006 and 2009, highlighted the first social problem that we designed a solution for – concentrated poverty. Key to our model is a galvanized group of high capacity leaders willing to make a long-term

Florida Citrus Sports

Florida Citrus Sports (FCS) was established to benefit children in Central Florida and has utilized its sporting and entertainment events that take place at the Citrus Bowl to help fulfill its charitable purpose. Large-scale sporting venues do not

Northland, A Church Distributed

Northland Church has been a leader in serving the community for many years. The leadership is now guiding its considerable flock towards a new paradigm of service through a campaign they are calling “Serving to Empower.” We will be coaching the

Bags Inc.

Bags, Inc. is a fast growing hospitality services company based in Orlando. They are also a very generous company in terms of charitable gifts and the direct involvement in charitable work of their staff. When they realized that their large


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