If you are interested in solving complex social problems in your neighborhood, community, workplace, or city –  we can help.

Polis Institute is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation dedicated to designing solutions to social problems. Our design process focuses on people. Our goal is to help all those affected by a given social problem leverage their own hopes and assets to achieve positive change.

We are an intermediary organization that works simultaneously with leaders who want to make an impact in a defined area while also working with those being directly affected. This affords us a unique and valuable perspective. We serve as guide, facilitator, and evaluator.

In this rich work, Polis Institute proudly partners with world-class organizations like: Winter Park Health Foundation, Florida Hospital, the University of Virginia, Bags Inc., LIFT Orlando, and the Heart of Florida United Way to identify core problems, discover solutions, and create sustainable programs that work.

To set up a discovery session contact us at info@polisinstitute.org or 866-757-1334.