Polis Institute’s research and evaluation team gives you powerful data insights to build stronger more effective social solutions. With over 70 years of collective experience, our team of experts are passionate about giving foundations, non-profits, and government agencies primary data driven insights that create meaningful results.


President and Chief Data Officer, Dr. Bahiyyah Maroon, leads Polis Institute’s research and evaluation team and collaborates with the institute’s data science and data visualization partners. She holds an MA and PhD in Anthropology from UC. Santa Cruz.  In her career, Dr. Maroon has provided research and strategy insights to the US Dept. of Justice, US Dept of Education, Harvard University, US Dept. of Labor, and Intel Corp. among others. As an interdisciplinary applied researcher, she believes in the power of balanced quantitative and qualitative approaches to create thoughtful data insights.

Senior Research & Evaluation Consultant, Dr. Tanya Hills, obtained her Doctorate in Health Education and holds a Master of Arts in Public Policy & Law. She is experienced in multi-site and multi-organization evaluation and research across sectors including housing, healthcare, workforce development, and human rights. Dr. Hills is known for her deft abilities in enhancing multi-party stakeholder participation to elevate mission-based goals.

GIS & Data Analyst, Andres Florez is a leader in place based research. Andres deploys the power of geographic information systems and data analysis to show stakeholders the true assets and socioeconomic arc of communities. He holds a Master of Science in Human Geography. Andres’ work is dedicated to creating opportunities through data insights that contribute to all people having access.

Evaluation Consultant, Julie Thomas collaborates with diverse stakeholders and organizations to execute formal third party evaluations. Her expertise and passion is in collective impact initiative evaluations. She holds a Master’s in Nonprofit Management from the University of Central Florida and is a member of the American Evaluation Association. Julie has fifteen years of experience creating improved outcomes in myriad sectors including the third sector, education, and healthcare.

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