We utilize our Stakeholder Accountability Model and applied research methodologies to design solutions to social problems. In this work we engage key stakeholder groups such as:

  1. residents of distressed communities
  2. influential leaders and organizations with the capacity and care to invest in solutions that work (business leaders, foundations, government)
  3. service entities who implement solutions and programs (non-profits, churches, government, small businesses)
  4. research academies that produce models for change

Our engagement process focuses on people and helps all those affected by a given social problem leverage their hopes and assets towards attainable and impactful shared goals. Our role in this process is to:

Our key values are:

  • Dignified¬†Interdependence
  • Thriving Neighborhoods
  • Action Research
  • Collective Impact
  • Direct Economic Benefit
  • Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)

To set up a discovery session contact us at info@polisinstitute.org or call 866-757-1334.