Collective Impact

POLIS guides clients to implement Collective Impact by using a dashboard that shows alignment to this important model. The dashboard then reveals areas that needs strengthened in order to realize the impact you and your partners are seeking.

Community Development

POLIS implements a comprehensive model on behalf of its clients and the neighborhoods they serve to bring about positive lasting change. The basis of the model is Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). Our implementation of the model includes robust community engagement, asset mapping, initiative design, leadership development, and evaluation. Our primary engagement role sunsets within five years in favor of resident leadership and strong partnerships. After that time, we seek an ongoing role as an independent evaluator and leadership coach.


What’s most important about our approach to surveying is that we make it more about connecting with people than learning about them. Our world is made better and problems are solved through relationship and talking with people about what is most important to them needs to be handled with the utmost respect and care. We are experienced at doing just that and can help you implement our approach.

Independent Evaluation/Metrics

POLIS helps organizations better serve their clients by providing independent, third party assessments, surveys, and metrics packages. Clients use these evaluations to build or adjust strategy, win grants, create programs, and to track progress.

Strategic Planning

POLIS helps organizational leaders develop strategy that is focused on addressing root causes with strong partnerships and solid tools to evaluate progress. We will guide you to look at the social problems you address in innovative, empathetic, and disciplined ways so that the solutions you develop are more dignified and effective.

Demographic Analysis

POLIS provides comprehensive analyses at the demographic level. All you need to do is provide us with the parameters and we will provide over 350 unique data points based on the latest and best available data sources.

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