Dignity Serves: Dignity Serves is a faith-based program that has helped thousands of people learn the joy of dignified interdependence – the ideal context for meeting human need. Dignity Serves has become both a training curriculum and a community. The training is a six-lesson curriculum taught by trained facilitators that elucidates core principles of service and practical applications for every aspect of life. The community consists of those whose lives have been changed by the teaching and help one another live out its teachings which are grounded in a Christian perspective. Order Dignity Serves training materials.

MO CO-OP: The Metro Orlando Cooperative for Thriving Neighborhoods, affectionately known as MO CO-OP (think “more cooperation”), is a civic initiative that exists to improve quality of life in the 100 distressed neighborhoods of Orange and Seminole Counties, Florida. The 100 neighborhoods were identified in a research project (2006-2009) on the culture of service in Central Florida that sparked the formation of the Polis Institute. MO CO-OP participants are actively working on place- and asset-based efforts in over half of the neighborhoods and meet monthly for encouragement and shared learning. Join us for lunch on a Third Wednesday.

MVP Families: This program helps children who live near Camping World Stadium succeed academically and in life by providing support to the whole family. We meet monthly on the second Monday of the month at Frontline Outreach and do regular family outings together like sporting events at the stadium and other cultural events around the city. Families set academic goals and work on building healthy relationships in the home. Families also set financial stability goals and health and wellness goals.

Community Leadership Training: We believe that collaboration between investors, community partners, and local resident leaders is the key to ensuring dignified investment in distressed neighborhoods. Because every neighborhood is unique, equipping residents looks different in every community. With this in mind, we partner with, and equip residents in various neighborhoods across Central Florida as they seek to strengthen their communities.

Diverse Word: We must learn to express ourselves and respect others’ voices if we hope to live in healthy and vibrant places. Diverse Word is the longest running weekly gathering of poets and performance artist in Orlando. This program is hosted by the Polis Family Engagement Coordinator Shawn Welcome, who promotes a safe space for artistic expression and respect.

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