Where you are born should not determine where you end up in life.

All across the nation poverty has concentrated in under-resourced communities such that now an individual’s life expectancy is best determined by the zip code in which they were raised. This is an injustice. To make matters worse, solutions to this issue often derive from the perspectives of people who haven’t lived in these environments and do not fully comprehend the challenges.

Those who live in under-resourced communities have an irreplaceable perspective. Their voices have been undervalued for far too long. Effective solutions must include their input. Polis’s first priority in community development is connecting residents to opportunities that help them achieve their own goals.

Your donation supports residents of under-resourced communities. 100% of your contributions are a direct investment into:

  • Training & hiring residents as Community Team Members
  • Developing resident leadership
  • Strengthening families
  • Connecting residents to resources & partners
  • Accurately measuring impact

Today we present you with an opportunity. Residents of the neighborhoods we work in have proven that they are eager to seize the opportunity to create a better community for their families and neighborhoods. Are you ready to seize the opportunity and partner with them to ensure that where a person lives no longer determines where they end up in life? 

Be part of the solution.

Donate $500 to train a Community Team Member.

Donate $1,500 to strengthen a family.

Donate $2,500 to develop a resident leader.